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California Classic Cuisine

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    Menlo Tavern

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    Your new neighborhood tavern is now open. Menlo Tavern celebrates fine American classics and the age-old tradition of gathering over delicious food and drink.

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    Cocktails, Beer & Wine

    In a valley known for innovation, Menlo Tavern fits right in. Hand-crafted cocktails blend a classic perspective with modern mixology – a true meeting of the minds. Mixers are made from scratch, using the freshest produce, with unique flavors created from a pantheon of spirits made by the finest distillers from around the world. The Manhattan and Mint Julep, harken back to classics, while our El Tigre, Respect Your Professors, Entre Nous, and The Co-Ed offer new and distinctive combinations. As a meeting place for the world’s influencers, Menlo Tavern is proud to offer thoughtfully-crafted cocktails.

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